3 IN 1 Multi Use Stud / AC wire / Metal Scanner 098-YB

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3 IN 1 Multi Use Stud / AC wire / Metal Scanner 098-YB

098-YB Intelligent Stud Scanner can detect joists, AC live wires or metals behind walls through electronic signals. The tool can display the result on the tow row LCD with back light. It mainly applies for wires and pipelines distribution on upholstery, installation of electrical equipments (air conditioner and oil smoke extractor) and detection for frame of wood furniture, etc.

098-YB Intelligent Stud Scanner can be automatically calibrated with sensitive induction after starting up. Select mode for joists, AC live wires or metal detection through the function selection switcher. Once the edges of joists, AC live wires or metals are detected, the scanner will send out sound indication and you can easily mark the central position of the target on the measured surface through the marker slot on top of the tool with pencil.

098-YB Intelligent Stud Scanner has the function of alarm for AC live wires, when it detects the AC live wires out, the live wires caution symbol at the left top of the tool will illumine, meanwhile this will not affect detection for joists or metals, disregard that the function switcher is set in the mode of joists or metals.

Technical Specifications


Intelligent Stud Scanner



Object of detection

Wood joists, AC live wires and Metals

Detection capability


Thickness of wall is 19mm(3/4 inches).

AC live wires

50mm(2 inches) deep away from the wall


38mm(1 1/2 inches )deep away from the wall

Type of back light


Power supply

A 9 volt block battery

Operation current


Operation temperature


Operation humidity


Storage environment

-20℃~+60℃,≤85%(battery not included)




About 170g(battery not included)

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