Infrared Thermometer Wide Range With Thermo-couple -50℃~650℃

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Infrared Thermometer Wide Range With Thermo-couple 

KC-180B-1 handheld Infrared thermometer is a non-contact temperature measuring instrument using laser and infrared technology. You could use this product to measure the surface temperature of objects, which are not suitable for traditional contact measuring (such as moving objects, charged objects, toxic objects and hard-to-reach objects).
The unit employs low consumption design and is capable to save the pre-set data automatically, avoiding resetting it after restart. The product features a LCD with backlight, holding the readings automatically and a laser pointer for accurate aiming. It has the advantages of rapid measuring, easy and safe operation and portability. It is widely used for applications as finding the hot spot of electric connections and bearings, measuring the temperature of high frequency induction heated objects, monitoring food processing and storage, inspecting temperatures of heat & refrigeration system, inspecting temperature for technics control in metallurgy industry, inspecting temperature during laying asphalt and fire-control process, or other circumstances in which the temperature field to be measured is not allowed to be compromised. It is an essential measuring instrument for the metallurgical industry, the electric power plants, the chemical industry, the rubber industry, the spinning and weaving industry, the plastic industry, the papermaking and the food processing. The product KC-180B-1 provides a type K-thermocouple input socket, which makes it possible to measure wider temperature range.
KC-180B-1 Infrared thermometer is a Class II laser product and in compliance with the safety standard EN60825-1. 

Technical Specifications

Name                                     Infrared Thermometer
Model                                             KC-180B-1
Measuring range              -50℃~650℃(-58℉~1202℉)  thermocouple upto 
Response wavelength                    8~14μm
Measuring precision           ±2℃(±3.6℉) or ±2%(T>0℃)
                                              ±3℃(±5.4℉) or ±2% whichever is greater(T≤0℃)
Repetition                                    1% of readings or 1℃
Response time                      500mSec,95% response
Optical ratio(D:S)                          12:1
Emissivity                             0.10~1. 00 adjustable(default 0.95)
Display precision                                   ±0.1℃
Laser wavelength                             630~660nm
Laser power                                        <1mW
Laser class                                        Class II
Laser switch                                                          √
Backlight switch                                                    √
Data hold                                                               √
Measure means include MAX/MIN/AVG/DIF    √
Data save and delete                                           √
Thermocouple range             -99—1370℃(-146.2℉~2498℉) one thermocouple included (-0~250
Thermocouple precision                                   ±1℃
Measuring unit switch                                           √
Max/Min threshold alarm                                      √
Low battery indicator                                            √
Auto backlight off time                     Synchronized with readings
Auto shut off time                                        Inactive in 30s
Power supply                                 One 9V battery (6F22/6LR61)
Max. power                                                          <30mA
Operation temperature                       0℃~40℃(32℉~104℉)
Operation moisture                             0~75%RH non-condensing
Storage                                             -20℃~60℃(-4℉~140℉),≤85%(w/o battery)
Product dimension(L*W*H)          135 mm×170 mm×36mm
Weight (w/o battery)                               About 168g

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