Bidirectional Ultrasonic Distance Measurement 200

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Bidirectional Ultrasonic Distance Measurement


KC-200 bidirectional ultrasonic distance measurement determines the distance to the object through electronic signals with high speed. The tool with built-in computer chip has the function of calculation of room area, volume and so on.
The tool with excellent design owns multinomial patents. Its unique bidirectional dynamic measurement technology makes the effective measurement distance can reach to 30 meters. The tool has the function of long distance measurement. And it is easy to operate and clear to display. It is an ideal tool for building, decoration industries (for example, land agents, upholstery designers and craftsmen, etc) 
KC-200 bidirectional ultrasonic distance measurement is the Class II laser tool conforming to EN60825-1 safety rule.

Technical Specifications:


Name                                                            Bidirectional ultrasonic distance measurement
Type                                                                                           KC-200
Recommended use                                                                     Indoor
Range of effective measurement                 Measurement for single direction    0.5~16m
    Measurement for bidirectional direction                                   1~32m
Distance of limit measurement                        40m (under the standard test environment)
Accuracy                                                                                   ±1%±1digit
Basement select                                               Left edge, midpoint, right edge
Calculation range                                                Length           9999’ 11’’ (9999.99m)
                                                                                Area           99999.9 sq ft (99999.9㎡)
                                                                             Volume           999999 cu ft (999999m3)
Resolution                                                                                       0.01m
Wavelength of laser                                                                  630~660nm
Temperature range                                                                   0℃ to +40℃
Laser Class                                                                                    Class II
Power supply                                                                          One 9V battery
Backlight automatic off           The backlight will be automatically off if there’s no action in 15 seconds.(press any key to start the backlight)
Automatic off                                             The tool will be automatically off if there’s no action 60 seconds.

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