Video Inspection Camera Borescope Endoscope 2.4″ LCD 150A

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Video Inspection Camera Borescope Endoscope 2.4″LCD 150A

150A video inspection system has been designed as a user friendly and economical way of solving hidden problems and increasing productivity. (e.g. inspect HVAC system, mechanical equipments and engines).

The product has a high clarity 2.4″ diagonal color LCD. It uses interchangeable probes and can be connected to probes with different length and diameter (units comes with a standard 12mm probe, customized camera head and probe also available). The adjustable LED lights set around the camera head help the user to see inside dark gaps and holes. Several accessories can be equipped on the tip of the probe, making it more flexible and adaptive. The accessories of 12mm camera probe are magnetic tip, hook tip and mirror tip. 

150A has a TV-out interface to transmit real time images to a TV screen. It is capable of image zooming and image rotation. This model has the advantages of portability, high clarity images, stable performance and easy operation. It is widely used in applications such as the industry, building, aviation, vehicles maintenance, mining and archaeology.

Technical Specifications

Product name                                            Video Inspection System
Model                                                                          150A
Recommended usage                                              Indoor
Field of View                                                         60 degrees
Focal length                                          12mm standard    50mm
                                                                   9mm optional    50mm
                                                                5.5mm optional    10mm
Outer diameter of lens    Standard camera lens    12mm (Magnetic tip, Hook tip, Mirror tip included)
                                              Optional camera lens    9mm (Hook tip, Mirror, Magnet, Thread protector)
                                                                                    5.5mm (Mirror, Ball guide, Thread protector)
Probe length                            12mm lens    1m/2m/3m or customized (max length 5m including extension)
                                                    9mm lens    1m/2m/3m or customized (max length 5m including extension)
                                                 5.5mm lens    1m/2m/3m or customized (max length 15m including extension)
Extension for choice                                                     1m, 2m, 3m
Image display                                                                2.4″TFT/LCD
Image resolution                                                         640×480 pixels
LCD resolution                                                            320×240 pixels
Image rotation                                                                        180°
Image zooming                                                                   1.0~2.0x
TV output format                                                                     NTSC
Protection level                                   Probe and camera    IP67
                                                                            Main body    IP54
Light source                                                       Ultra brightness LED
Accessory                                                                           TV cable
Power supply                                   4 AA alkaline or rechargeable batteries (LR6 or KR6)
Battery continuous working time                                      >3 hours
Working temperature                                                        0℃~45℃
Working humidity                                               5%~95%RH non-condensing
Storage                                                  -20℃~+60℃,≤85%(w/o batteries)
Dimension                                                               266mm×95mm×66mm
Weight                                                                                 About 360g

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